Cat Kramer and Zack Denfeld

“Creative Strategies for Speculative Policy on the Bioeconomy”– Art interactive workshop

Office of Life + Art/UiB


Cat Kramer and Zack Denfeld lead an interactive workshop asking participants to creatively think about the norwegian bioeconomy model. Photo: TIK – UiO

Delegates had to create stories along with defined technologies and institutions, and then analyze type of visions within the group. Photo: TIK – UiO


Participants were asked about their visions of the Norwegian Bioeconomy and provide ideas about which approach was needed to address such idea. Photo: TIK – UiO


Participants were asked to set sentence stating: “What is bioeconomy for you” in a two dimensional board defined by Desirable-Undesirable (X) and Likely-unlikely (Y). Photo: TIK – UiO


The main idea of the sesion was to brain storm creative policy ideas addressing the norwegian bioeconomy model. Photo: TIK – UiO


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