Susanne Bauer

Bioeconomic Publics? Multispecies Extractions for Re-engineering Salmon and Human Metabolism” 


Susanne Bauer (UiO) presenting her recent research about re-engineering salmon and human metabolism. Photo: TIK – UiO

A company named Cigene located at Ås is creating virtual libraries by assembling information of gens from fish as a direct type of digital extraction of biological information. The aim is to gather information to define how to change the type of feed of fish in the future, as they could be fed with waste green material from wood, grass, or any other locally available plant. The model is still just a vision, but it results helpful for understanding the type of development towards which the fish industry is aiming in Norway. The future the Norwegian bioeconomy will be depending in this type of information gathering. Nevertheless, how much of such information will really provide useful information, the gathering of large amounts of data can become problematic, not only due to space, but capability to organize and specially interpret data as the amounts may become overwhelming.

An interesting issue within the addressed effort for gathering information is how data becomes visualized and thus interpreted. Several images of fish used for describing the organization of information about fish gens can create strong reactions on the public, and can be seen as digital or graphic extractions done by science. Although graphic designs are not intended to be beautiful, but supposed to provide the ideas discussed in science, they may be judged by actors then distort the original message. Assembling data is not only about what data should be focus on, but also about how to present it and interpret it.


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