Kate O’Riordan

Kate O’Riordan (University of Sussex) “Revisiting the Biodigital”

Kate O’Riordan from University of Sussex, presents her ideas about the term biodigital. Photo: TIK – UiO

How is the public’s domain defined? Is the public’s identity portrayed by the biomedia? Understanding the public’s good is a process based on public conversations that give ideas of identity and of what makes society more human. It helps to define the public’s domains, as it is possible to define what is that people are talking about.

Biodigital media, as biopolitics and biocapital, are frameworks that examine the bios. It is within this mode that all animal, plants and humans alike are taken as raw material by a capitalistic system and then extracted. However, biodigital within this context offers an additional frame that reintroduces mediation, where media technologies and media audiences assemble into the biopolitical and may induce another type of extraction.


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