EXTRACTIONS: Digital infrastructures and the public good

The workshop explored interconnections between digital research infrastructures, the public good, and the making of futuresIt focused on practices of extraction by digital infrastructures given that the Norwegian bioeconomy will be relying on the digitalization of biological national resources. The underling debate was on visualizing the common good that different forms of infrastructuring may deploy in the future.

Day 1 Monday 26 Nov

  • Presentation from Kate O’Riordan “Revisiting the Biodigital”
  • Susanne Bauer (UiO) “Bioeconomic Publics? Multispecies Extractions for Re-engineering Salmon and Human Metabolism”
  • David Ribes (University of Washington) “Prospecting (in) the data sciences”
  • Cat Kramer and Zack Denfeld (Office of Life+Art/UiB): “Creative Strategies for Speculative Policy on the Bioeconomy” – Art interactive workshop
  • Ana Delgado (UiO): “Bioprospecting: On microbes, infrastructures and the public good”
  • Tommas Måløy (UiO): “Valuation and genomic databases: a case study on the aqua genome project”

Day 2 Tuesday 27 Nov

  • Pre-discussion breakfast
  • Ageliki Lefkaditou (Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology).Visiting the “Folk” exhibit – Easy extractions? Mouth swabs, socio-genomics, and the new/old public good”
  • Round table final discussion