26-27/11/2018 Extractions Workshop. The workshop explored interconnections between digital research infrastructures, the public good, and the making of futures. It focused on practices of extraction by digital infrastructures given that the Norwegian bioeconomy will be relying on the digitalization of biological national resources. The underling debate was on visualizing the common good that different forms of digital infrastructuring may deploy in the future. Click here for more information.


20/10/2016 Two new papers published! (see publications site in the webpage). At the EASTT/4S Conference Lilian presents her paper “Responsible Research is not Good Science: Divergences Inhibiting the Enactment of RRI in Nanosafety” and “Responsibility and Responsible Research as Perceived in the Nanosafety Community” – SNET MontrealCanada

12-13/10/2016 In collaboration with PIKSEL (Electronic Art and Free Technologies Festival) and the Art Institute in Bergen Ana co-organizes a hands on workshop and public debate on micro-plastic pollution in the Ocean. Scientists, artists, activists and public authorities took part in the debate. Thanks so much to Maite Cajaraville, Kat Austen, Gjino Sutic, Cathrine Kramer, Zackery Denfeld and Nora Vaage for this great collaboration. Thanks also to the participants in the debate, this is the audio. Kat has been documenting the worksop that Gjino and her designed in her blog.

31/08/ – 3/09/ 2016 Lilian Van Hove paper presentation. “Responsible Research is not Good Science: Divergences Inhibiting the Enactment of RRI in Nanosafety”. Barcelona 4S/EASST joint meeting.

30/08/2016 ReDig goes to Barcelona. Together with Heidrun Åm, Fern Wickson, Knut Sørensen and Gisle Solbu, we organize a TRACK at the EASTT/4S Conference with five interesting sessions and many good presentations

04/2016 Lilian goes on a cruiser and gives a talk on board, this time on “Responsible Research is Not Good Science: Barriers to the Enactment of RRI in Nanosafety Research”. The conference was organized by the Norwegian ELSA Network on the Hurtigruten!

01/2016-03/2016 Ana is doing fieldwork at the Department of Computing science in Newcastle. She is looking at the development of SBOL, a standard language (and infrastructure) for synthetic biology

21/01/2016 ReDig is organizing an Open Biology Workshop at the Department of Computing Science, University of Newcastle. The aim of this workshop is to discuss open tools and infrastructures in biology as they have been developed by different communities and in different settings, in and out of the institutions


/12/2015 Ana is invited by the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committee and the Norwegian Social Science Data Services to give a talk with the title “Open Science is Science in Transition: Cooperation, Sharing and Crowdsourcing” during the event ‘Data Sharing: Seminar Policy, Ethics and Experiences

18/12/2015 ReDig Meeting with Fern and Lilian at Genøk. We will discuss RRI in the context of nanotoxicology/safety by design Places: Ås, Lillestrøm, Bergen, Trondheim (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

26/10/2015 Heidrun Åm will be giving a talk on RRI at SVT with the title: “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) as decentered governance: Practices of governance and practices of freedom in researchers’ daily lives

22/10/2015 Ana is giving a presentation on open science at the UiB Humanities Library

18/10/2015 Lilian flies to Montreal and gives a presentation on “Responsibility and Responsible Research as Perceived in the Nanosafety Community” at the SNet annual meeting

11/08/2015 Lilian and Fern are starting her fieldwork and dialogic sessions with nanoscientists in Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo.The aim of the dialogue sessions is to create discussion in the group on interesting observations made during the participatory observation, focusing on ‘Responsibility and Responsible Research’ and ‘Digitalised Research Practices’ and gather information about the vision and opinion of the group on these topics.

12/06/2015 Ana gives a talk at the JRC-European Commission on “DIYbio and e-waste hackers: A politics of demonstration in times of precariousness”, in the Workshop: DIYScience and the Challenges of Quality

26/05/2015/ Bernadette Bensaude Vincent is coming to visit us in Bergen. She will give a guest lecture on design in synthetic biology

19/05/2015/ Visit to the Department of Biotechnology at NTNU for a seminar and talk on open source biology. Thanks to Rahmi, Martin and all the students for the nice discussions!

14/04/2015/ Visit to the School of Computing Science at the University of Newcastle for a presentation and group discussion on open science.

13/03/2015. ReDig kick-off meeting at the Waag Society in Amsterdam. Thanks to Alessandro Delfanti, Jakob Wested, Jane Calvert, Fern Wickson, Lilian van Hove, Heidrun Åm, Maria Boto, Roger Strand and Sarah Davies for the inspiring comments and interesting discussions.

15/02/2015/ The round of interviews with scientists on open science (WP1) has started.

19/02/2015/ Visit to the University of Trondheim for a talk on open biology with researchers at the PhotoSynLab (NTNU)

01/01/2015 – Lilian van Hove joins the project and the nano-research line of the project starts.


13/12/2014 – Ana gives a presentation on the politics of DIY at La Paillase in the wokshop: “What can DIYbio do”.

26-27/10/2014 –Participation in the Biofaction Workshop on Biocommons with the DIY Europe group.

10/2014 - Ana Delgado and Silvio Funtowicz were invited to present the paper “Synthetic Biology as Open Science: Sharing Tools and Making Communities” at the ASU workshop “Research Agendas and Societal Aspects of Synthetic Biology”.

01/10/2014 – The project starts!