ReDig is a project funded by the Research Council of Norway (2014-2018)

ELSA is research on the Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects of new and emerging technologies. Initially, it addressed mainly the life sciences while later broadening its scope to include also other emerging sciences and technologies such as nanotechnology. More recently, funding schemes in Europe and the USA have promoted a turn from ELSA to RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation). This project attends to such a transition having it as its background.

The main intellectual focus of the project itself is the trend towards increased “digitalization” and design in scientific research and the ELSA aspects of this general and generic trend. A key question structuring the investigation is how responsibility could be integrated as a component of these practices, to understand how responsible research and innovation could be advanced in line with the specific emerging trends in bio- and nanoscience, such as the trends towards digital design and open science practices for data sharing.

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